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NECA Video Update

Video newscast series delivering important news and updates direct from NECA executives to member contractors.

NECA Technology

The Project for Applied and Disruptive Technology, explores the world of technology and keeps members informed of what’s happening today, and of what will be launched in the not too distant future.  Dr. Joey Shorter, NECA Director of Research, has an extensive background in education and experience in translating the work of academics into understandable, practical ideas.

NECA Business Development

Monthly posts from NECA Business Development.

NECA Government Affairs Legislative Update

Become an industry advocate -- Stay on top of the latest government affairs with weekly news and updates, and learn what NECA is doing on Capitol Hill for your company.

NECA Convention

Keep up with the latest schedule updates, speakers and exhibitors at this year’s NECA convention and trade show, plus archive posts from past events.

NECA Safety Update

This bi-monthly newsletter brings you the most up-to-date safety information and industry alerts. Stay in compliance with national safety changes and regulations updates. View archive and subscribe: 


NECA Codes & Standards Update

This bi-monthly update will focus on NEC and OSHA news and requirement updates, upcoming events along with NEIS updates and review opportunities.

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NECA Labor Relations Update

This bi-weekly newsletter focuses on trends and important updates to our industry's labor practices and workforce.

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Code Question of the Day

NECA’s Code Question of the Day (CQD) is Charlie Trout’s flagship National Electrical Code® forum for NECA and the industry. The CQD continues to generate a lively dialogue and relative Code-based and practical responses to an ever-increasing and interactive audience.

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