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  • NECA Political Leadership Summit Reaches Across the Aisle on Capitol Hill

    Members of NECA's Political Leadership Council (PLC) took their message to Capitol Hill last week, where they met with elected officials, received a briefing on national economic issues, and discussed what’s on the mind of small business owners directly with the leaders making decisions that affect their businesses. Energy policy dominated much of the two-day meeting.
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  • NECA Opposes E-Verify Mandate, Offers Comments

    NECA recently submitted comments stating the association's opposition to the federal mandate to use the E-Verify to confirm the employment eligibility of all workers on direct federal contracts. NECA believes that in addition to the unacceptably high error rate and lack of liability protection to small businesses, the extension of E-Verify to all federal contractors would usurp the existing statutory provisions that have mandated the program be voluntary until a more foolproof system could be implemented. Full text of NECA's comments regarding E-Verify is available online.
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  • NECA Website Wins IMA Award

    The redesigned NECA website, www.necanet.org, recently won an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Interactive Media Awards, with an overall score of 462 out of a possible 500 points. The site scored a 100 in usability and 99 in content.
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  • 2008 Profile of the Electrical Contractor Published

    A rising concern over counterfeit electrical parts – but uncertainty about their actual use – was found in ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine's 2008 Profile of the Electrical Contractor. Key findings also include a sharp rise in energy efficiency, green/sustainable building and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Bethesda, Md., ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR’s biannual profile offers the most in-depth picture of U.S. electrical contractors and their businesses.
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  • "Without Energy Solutions, There is No Green Building"

    NECA recently convened its first Energy Solutions Summit, July 25-26, in Los Angeles, to address how the electrical construction industry will respond to the rapidly growing demand for more efficient energy systems and alternative energy sources.
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  • NECA Member Offers Insight, Expertise on Green Technology Economic Impact to House Small Business Committee

    The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business yesterday heard testimony from Randy Rema, a small business owner and member of the National Electrical Contractors Assn. (NECA), on the rapidly converging trends of rising energy prices, an economic slowdown and growing consumer interest in green building technology.
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  • MEDIA ALERT: NECA to Speak Out on Need for Investing in Green Building Technologies

    NECA will testify about on critical environmental, economic, and technological concerns related to tax credits for investment in alternative energy before the House Committee on Small Business hearing on “The Role of Green Technologies in Spurring Economic Growth,” Thursday, July 10, at 10 a.m., Room 1539, Longworth HOB.
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  • Energy Efficiency Gets a Green Light at NECA 2008 Chicago

    Green building is the leading trend shaping construction and design these days, and the 2008 NECA Convention and Trade Show in Chicago, Oct. 4-7, is making sure that electrical contractors have the tools to help their customers meet their own green building goals, whether in achieving LEED certification, making buildings more energy efficient, or using renewable energy technology in their construction projects.
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  • NECA Offers Electrical Safety Guidelines for Flood Victims

    Post-disaster is a dangerous time for residents eager to get their lives back to normal. Mike Johnston, NECA executive director for standards and safety, offers guidelines for safely handling electrical wiring and equipment that has been submerged or dampened.
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  • NECA Adds Voice, Expertise to Proposed Rule for Labor Trusts

    The U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Employment Standards Administration (ESA) recently proposed rule establishing a new Form T-1. The form requires any labor organizations who have established trusts, including multi-employer trusts with management groups like NECA, to file additional paperwork on top of current requirements. NECA believes the new T-1 rule has crossed a line and directly contradicts existing labor law and practices and makes unfounded assumptions about how such plans are managed.
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  • NECA Joins U.S. Dept. of Labor to Promote Teen Worker Safety

    When the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) needed a partner to develop resources that would help keep teen workers safe this summer, they looked to NECA, the recognized safety leader for the electrical construction industry.
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  • NECA Comments on Proposed DOL Apprenticeship Guidelines

    As the leading sponsor of electrical apprenticeship programs in the country, NECA is uniquely qualified to advise the U.S. Dept. of Labor on proposed changes to apprenticeship programs. More than 40,000 apprentices enrolled in nearly 300 local training programs sponsored by NECA and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Full text of NECA's comments is available.
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  • NECA Joins USGBC

    In order to support the surging demand for electrical contractors who can "build green" and successfully incorporate alternative energy sources into new and retrofit construction, NECA’s national office has embarked on an educational partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council.
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  • NECA Issues 2007 “Yearbook” CD Installation Standards

    The third annual Yearbook of National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS)®, a compilation of all NEIS released through 2007 on CD-ROM, is now available from NECA.
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  • NECA Comments on OSHA Standards for Construction Work in Confined Spaces

    NECA recently submitted comments in response to OSHA’s proposed rule for confined spaces. “NECA has concerns about the complexity and additional burden of the new proposed regulations,” said Mike Johnston, NECA executive director for standards and safety. Johnston also drafted comments on portions of the rule related to construction work in confined spaces. Full text of NECA's comments to OSHA follow.
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  • Michael Johnston Joins NECA as Executive Director, Standards and Safety

    Michael Johnston, former Director of Education, Codes and Standards, for the International Assn. of Electrical Inspectors, Plano, Tex., has assumed leadership of NECA’s standards and safety program.
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  • NECA Announces 2008 Events

    The 2008 calendar for the National Electrical Contractors Association includes the electrical construction industry’s premier event, the NECA Convention and Trade Show in Chicago, Oct. 4-7, as well as some fresh additions.
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  • Lake Coulson Joins NECA Staff as Government Affairs Executive Director

    NECA is pleased to announce that Lake Coulson will assume leadership of NECA's government affairs program beginning January 1, 2008. Coulson will succeed long-time Executive Director of Government Affairs Robert L. White upon White's retirement from NECA.
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  • Final OSHA PPE Rule Holds Contractors Responsible for Providing Workers’ Safety Gear

    The new final OSHA rule regarding personal protective equipment holds contractors responsible for providing most PPE for workers -- a practice many NECA contractors are already following. ...
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  • NECA Delivers Statement to Senate Finance Committee on Estate Tax Repeal

    NECA has submitted a statement to be included in the record for the "Federal Estate Tax: Uncertainty in Planning Under the Current Law" Senate Finance Committee hearing. Full text of NECA statement is included.
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  • NECA Wraps Up Successful Convention, Trade Show in San Francisco

    NECA’s 2007 Convention and Trade Show recently wrapped up several exciting days of education and exploration at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center. Over 5,000 attendees enjoyed inspiring presentations and hands-on technical workshops, plus over 300 exhibitors from across the electrical construction industry. ...
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  • NECA Keeps Solar Decathlon Safe

    NECA, local NECA chapters, and ELECTRI International are supporting leading Solar Decathlon entries  “MorningStar,” from the Pennsylvania State University and "LEAFHouse" from the University of Maryland.
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  • Solar Rising at NECA 2007 San Francisco

    BETHESDA, MD -- The planets must be in alignment to bring several forces in solar power together in one special exhibit at the 2007 Convention and Trade Show for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in San Francisco, Oct. 6-8. The Solar/Renewable Energy Community at the NECA Show will feature ...
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  • Search for Brooke Stauffer Still Underway in Michigan

    NECA staff deeply regrets to report that search efforts thus far have failed to locate wreckage of the private plane that was carrying NECA executive director of safety and standards Brooke Stauffer, and his fiancée Karen Dodds, both of Washington, D.C.
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  • Electrical Contractors See "Green" at NECA 2007 San Francisco

    Check out all the green building opportunities at the 2007 NECA Convention and Trade Show in San Francisco, Oct. 5-8.
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  • "No Match" Guidelines Issued by Homeland Security

    New “no match” guidelines for contractors whose workers provide inaccurate Social Security number and other employment information were issued by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security last week.
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  • Rising NASCAR Star is Racing Her Way to NECA 2007 San Francisco!

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  • Summer Heat Brings Threat of Rolling Black-outs

    With PJM Interconnection, the electric grid operator for more than 51 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia, calling on consumers to decrease their electrical demands, many citizens are wondering how a modern country like the U.S. could experience the same rolling brown- and black-outs that are common in third-world nations.
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  • NECA Constituent Action Program Taking Care of Business

    Taking time out from running a small business is never easy for an owner, but electrical contractor and NECA member Mark Hady of Watertown, Wis., recently made an exception to visit with his congressman, Paul Ryan (R-WI-01), in the Congressman's Janesville, Wis., office.
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  • Management Seminars at NECA 2007 San Francisco Could Equal CEU Credits for Attendees

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  • NECA Contractors Contribute to Victims of Lake Tahoe Fires

    When the NECA Southern Region met last week in Lake Tahoe for its annual convention, the normally clear blue skies had been darkened by smoke from the fires burning around the town. The fires forced thousands to evacuate from their homes.
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  • Campaign for Quality Construction Testifies on Repeal of 3% Withholding Tax on Capitol Hill

    Representatives from the Campaign for Quality Construction, a coalition of specialty contractors including NECA, will testify today before the House Small Business Committee. Testimony will focus on the necessity of repealing the 3% withholding tax on all federal contractors an ill-conceived provision added to the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act in 2006.
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  • Penn State Solar Decathlon Team Energized by ELECTRI International Grant

    ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction has awarded a $50,000 research grant to the Pennsylvania State University 2007 Solar Decathlon student team.  
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  • NECA’s Manual of Labor Units Goes Digital Through Trade Service

    Starting in June, NECA's Manual of Labor Units will be available as a live database through Trade Service, the industry's leading provider of materials pricing information. “This could revolutionize how bids and change orders are created,” said Dan Walter, NECA Vice President and COO. “It makes materials and labor information available from the same source at the same time – a first for our industry.”            
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  • A Bright Idea Lives on at Christmas

    Electric Christmas lights gained popularity after World War II, due in part to the extension of electrification throughout rural America in the 1940s. However, like so much else in the history of electricity, the glowing holiday displays we now enjoy began with Thomas Edison.      
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  • NECA 2006 Boston a Tremendous Success

    The annual NECA Convention and Trade Show drew record crowds of industry leaders to Boston for networking sessions, hands-on workshops and special presentations from David McCollough and Scott Adams.  
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  • Testing Begins in T&D Worksite Shock Protection Research Project

    The ELECTRI International Foundation’s research project on T&D Worksite Shock Protection (WSP) is about to begin field testing. The University of Kansas research team, led by Thomas Glavinich, PE, DE, provided a status report at the recent NECA Show in Boston.    
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  • "Death Tax" Deserves to Die: NECA Endorses Estate Tax Proposals

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